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Enjoy the freedom of private air travel.

  • - Fast, efficient air travel to anywhere in Florida or Southeast.
  • - Fly in modern three passenger Cirrus SR22
  • - Book online anytime

Your plane is waiting.

Enjoy fast, efficient air travel to anywhere in Florida or Southeast.

Save Time

Arrive just minutes before your flight. We never leave without you. You choose your departure times and schedule. No time is wasted waiting for your flight.


Fly on the safest, most modern, single-engine plane in the industry: the Cirrus SR22 - the plane with the parachute. Your pilot is highly trained, experienced, and regularly tested by the FAA. Our company is an FAA Certified Air Carrier since 1990 with a perfect safety record.


Fly from local airports nearest to your home or destination with easy and free parking. Enjoy private air terminals where your rental car or ground transportation will be waiting when you arrive.

Check availability, pricing and book your flight anytime using our app. It’s easy, and gives you access to our aircraft anytime you need it.

Enjoy these benefits:

You’ll never miss your flight

You can arrive just minutes before departure time.

Enjoy uncrowded private terminals, with easy and free parking.

Arrive at the nearest local airport to your destination

Most Popular Destinations

Florida Keys & Key West

Fly to Ocean Reef Club, Marathon or Key West


Enjoy day trips to Tallahassee or to anywhere in North Florida


Orlando has four airports. Near downtown, theme parks, Sanford or Orlando International.