Terms & Conditions


Hello and welcome aboard! You are booking an on-demand flight with Aviator Services Inc., a US Certificated Air Carrier. Your safety and your experience in using our service to improve your life and those closest to you are paramount to us. We require, therefore, as a condition of using our services, that you adhere to our policies and terms listed below.


We like small ones. Pets 35 pounds or less are permitted on our aircraft. The passenger responsible for the pet should ensure the pet will not move about the cabin of the aircraft or otherwise interfere with the pilot. Please bring a blanket or sheet to place on the seat or floor where your pet will be located during your flight.


Smoking is prohibited on all Aviator Services flights.

Pilot instructions

Passenger must obey all instructions from your pilot. Your pilot will brief you on the airplane's safety features, location of normal and emergency exits, fire extinguishers, location of briefing cards, survival equipment, passenger entertainment system, and convenience items such as water and refreshment towels.

Pilot interference

Please do not interfere or distract your pilot during a critical phase of flight (taxiing, takeoff, or landing).


You can’t bring your own alcoholic beverages on board our aircraft. Federal regulations prohibit this. But we can provide it for you so please ask us in advance. Also, federal regulations prohibit us from allowing anyone who is visibly intoxicated on our aircraft.


Passengers must be prepared to present government issued photo identification such as a drivers license or passport to the pilot prior to boarding.

Departure times

Please arrive ten minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. If a flight is delayed more than thirty minutes due to a late passenger, additional waiting charges of $75/hr will apply.


All baggage will be weighed before boarding. Since baggage space is limited on our aircraft, passengers should provide an estimated size and weight of your baggage upon booking in order to prevent delays. All baggage is subject to inspection by flight crew. Please, therefore, allow access to your baggage when asked by the pilot or Aviator Services personnel.

Passenger Weights

We require passenger weights for all flights. Please provide this information in advance of your flight or when booking online.

Online Booking Software & Privacy

All online booking software on aviatorservices.com is wholly owned by Aviator Services Inc. Any information submitted by you will only be used for the purpose of completing your transaction. We do not keep your credit card information submitted via our online software. Your credit card information is used by our third party provider to process your payment. Refer to our privacy policy for more details.


You can cancel cancel your flight the day before your departure (before 6pm) and incur no cancellation fee. You may notify us of cancellation via email, text message, or phone. Canceling your flight the day before your departure after 6PM will incur a $500 fee. Aviator Services reserves the right to cancel any flight at any time if conditions exist where, in the opinion of Aviator Services, the safety of flight can not be assured.


Will be provided to you in 5 business days. Refunds will be provided for the following: flights cancelled by Aviator Services due to mechanical discrepancies, lack of flight crew, weather, reasons related to flight safety, errors in online booking, or any other time as determined by Aviator Services.

Aircraft Substitutions

We will provide you a substitute aircraft In the event our aircraft is not available either due to a mechanical malfunction, lack of flight crew, or any other unforeseen circumstance. If a substitute aircraft is not available we may offer you another, larger, aircraft which may be more costly than the one you originally booked with us. We will inform of this and give you the option to either accept or reject the larger aircraft. If you accept the more costly aircraft, you will be billed for the difference in cost. You can, however, reject the more costly aircraft option and receive a full refund as noted above.


If conditions exist where the safety of your flight may be compromised, your flight may be rescheduled or cancelled.

Hazardous Materials (Hazmat or Dangerous Goods)

You may not bring aboard any dangerous goods (also known as Hazardous Materials) some of which may be common household items that, although safe when used in your home, may pose a serious safety risk when carried on board an aircraft. You are prohibited from bringing onboard our aircraft any items considered Hazardous Materials. Some household items that are prohibited are Spray Starch, Aerosol Whipped Cream, and WD40. A complete list of the prohibited items can be found on the FAA Hazmat table.