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April 17, 2014

Your new superpower

Your new superpower for your life and business.

If you need to travel in Florida for business or personal reasons you should consider an Air Taxi for your next trip. By "Air Taxi" I mean a modern high-tech small plane like our three passenger 2009 Cirrus SR22-G3. It's like flying in a 200MPH BMW with wings. For trips less than 500 miles, it's the new way to fly for quick point-to-point travel. You pick the date, time and itinerary, we do the rest. It's like having a superpower.

Check availability, and book online anytime.

Use our flight booking application from your desktop computer, phone, or tablet to check availability, pricing, and to book your flight online anytime you want. Use it to do "what if" scenarios like traveling to multiple cities in one day or to consider different departure times or airports. You can enter your destination's address and the nearest airport will display first. Remember, Florida has over 125 airports, only 19 are served by airlines so you can choose the closest, most convenient, airport to your destination. Our pricing is all inclusive and easy to understand. You can pay with PayPal, Credit Card, or bitcoin. You have the power to reserve your flight whenever it's convenient for you.

Time Saved

Our air taxi service is the easiest, most convenient way to fly and saves you lots of time. It's perfect for business travel. In one day, for example, you can fly to Tallahassee, Orlando and Jacksonville. This is impossible via airlines or driving. You can fly direct to small local airports nearest to your destination. Try our Air Taxi service and you have access to Florida's 128 public airports. Only 19 are served by airlines. We arrange your rental car or taxi to be waiting for you when you arrive. No time is wasted. It's efficient, fast, and enjoyable. You can sit next to the pilot and enjoy the view or talk business with your colleagues on the private intercom.

Modern plane - least expensive way to charter

Our Cirrus SR22 Air Taxi service is also the least expensive way to charter a modern airplane. The Cirrus SR22 seats up to three passengers comfortably and for on-demand air travel, it's the most cost effective way to go. If you consider your time saved, often your cost is comparable to air fares. Sometimes, though, it's cheaper to airline or to drive. It's up to you to determine if the extra time savings and convenience of using our Air Taxi service is justified for your needs. In our experience, all our customers consider our air charter service a good value.


Our Cirrus SR22-G3 is known worldwide as one of the most advanced general aviation aircraft ever built. It has Satellite weather, GPS with WAAS capability, and it's most unique feature - a ballistic parachute for the whole plane. Our Cirrus SR22-G3 is under an engine trend monitoring program approved by the FAA. Plus, the Cirrus SR22-G3 has a roomy cabin, lots of baggage room, and large double doors for ease of entry. You're pilot will brief you on all safety features before every flight. You're safety is our primary responsibility.

Design your trip

Air taxi allows you to design your own trip. You choose your departure time, place, and destination. You build the trip you need and we do the rest. We're based at the Kendall Tamiami Airport but we can meet passengers at any airport. We routinely pick up passengers from MIA, PBI, FLL, as well as other Florida cities. If you need to get somewhere in Florida or beyond efficiently, consider our Air Taxi service. Enjoy your new superpower.

Head Aviator by William A. Ibarra