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September 2, 2016

The US charter aircraft fleet is big. But not so easy to find.

Did you know there are 10,397 on-demand charter aircraft operated by 2051 aircraft charter companies? I'm one of those charter operators.

This large and often unseen fleet of on-demand aircraft are available to you for quick, convenient flights and are a tremendous resource for you and your business. Many charter aircraft are available to you from your local municipal airport. If you haven't visited your local airport, please do so. You'll find another world of possibilities and an aviation community of service oriented businesses. Our base airport, Miami Executive, located in southwest Miami's Kendall neighborhood, is a thriving center for private and commercial on-demand flights. From here you can reach anywhere in Florida and beyond quickly while using private uncrowded terminals with parking near your plane. Below is information about the scope of our US on-demand charter aircraft fleet and how it may benefit you.

Many aircraft types

These charter aircraft include large airliners, business jets, turboprops, single & multiengine prop planes- including the ones used in the Alaskan bush, and helicopters. Thats a lot of charter aircraft.

Larger than the US Airline Fleet

As a comparison, the US airliner fleet totals 6861 jet aircraft operated by 82 airlines. That's the sum of all planes operated by the scheduled carriers (American, United, Delta, Southwest, Jet Blue, Alaska Air etc.).

Charter aircraft serve 100% of airports, airlines 10%

As noted above, the charter plane fleet is larger than the scheduled carriers fleet. Although the airlines do move more passengers, they serve only 10% of the available 5500 airports in the US. The on-demand charter fleet, however, can reach 100% of available airports.

A charter plane for every mission

What this means to you is that there is a vast on-demand fleet of charter aircraft for almost every mission imaginable. But they're not so easy to find. If you're looking for a business jet, helicopter, or larger plane than my Cirrus SR22, its best if you call me (305) 234-8800 since I have access to most of the charter fleet. And If I'm unable to help you, I'll find someone who can.

Flight booking app makes it easier for you

I made it easier for you to consider using our air taxi service by adding our flight booking app to our site. This app gives you a simple way to check availability, pricing and book a private charter flight whenever it's convenient.

No fixed schedules or routes - endless possibilities

Our flight booking app also allows you to test "what if" scenarios. Since there's no fixed schedules or routes on a charter plane, you pick the times, dates and order of destinations. Soon the rest of the on-demand charter fleet will adopt this technology.

Just call me

Until then, if you're interested in chartering a plane anywhere in the USA and beyond, just contact me. I have access to the whole on-demand charter fleet.

I'll keep you posted on more developments on access to this vast charter aircraft fleet soon.

Thank you.

Head Aviator by William A. Ibarra