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January 19, 2016

New user system

Today we updated our customer user system on our website’s Flight Booking application.  When you now register an account with us your payment details are stored and automatically retrieved for subsequent bookings.  We still have a guest user option for customers that prefer not to register an account. Flight booking user account page

When we first launched our flight booking application, every booking required entering your payment details even if you had an account.  Now, after you login, your payment method (credit card, PayPal, or Coinbase) is available for you to instantly book a flight.  Keep in mind your card isn’t charged until the day before your trip.

One nifty feature of our new system is that previous account holders (users who booked flights before this update) will see their payment method (credit card) appear automatically when they create a new account.  You won’t need to reenter it.  By the way, we don’t keep any of your credit card details on our servers.  This is handled by our secure third-party payment processor.    

This is the first of many updates to our flight booking application.  Our flight booking app (AviatorServices.com homepage) gives you the tools to not only book a private flight, but to play.  Rather, to use the app to test different destinations or multiple cities on the same day, find the nearest airport to your destination, departure times, dates, flight times, and more.  It’s a tool that lets you to think about the possibilities of getting around without rigid schedules or limitations.  All from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet.  It’s about saving time and living life.

Head Aviator by William A. Ibarra