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September 29, 2016

Charter plane Miami to Daytona Beach, faster than airlines.

Don't book a short notice airline flight in Florida. Chartering a plane is faster and costs about the same. Plus it's way more enjoyable.

On a recent charter flight from Miami to Daytona Beach, Florida, my new customer explained that before considering our charter plane service he tried to book his flight on the airlines.  

No time to waste getting to Daytona Beach

My customer said he and his sales manager were meeting a new client in Daytona Beach but had only one day to meet with them.  It’s a five hour drive to Daytona from Miami so driving wasn’t an option either.  

Airlines charging $1100 for Miami to Daytona

He said the airlines were charging $1100 per person for a short notice flight and required a stop in either Atlanta or Charlotte.  This would have required them to overnight plus spend most of their time in airline terminals and catching connections.  He considered another option- chartering a plane.

Charter a plane:  Immensely more convenient

The new customer found my charter plane service online and booked immediately.  Although my air charter service was comparable in cost to what the airlines where charging, it was immensely more convenient.  Plus it seemed like a more enjoyable way to go too.  

Cross the street to meet your charter flight

First, his office is located across the street from our home airport, Miami Executive (TMB). So he didn’t have to drive to MIA and deal with parking, security, and traffic.  Second, our charter plane service flew him direct to Daytona Beach Airport where I arranged a rental car to be waiting for him.   Finally, he enjoyed the beautiful private terminals in Miami and Daytona with easy and free parking close to his charter plane.  

Departed soon after successful meeting

After his meeting, no time was wasted and we departed soon after.  My new customer was very impressed.   His meeting was a success and he enjoyed the time savings and convenience of flying on a private charter plane.  

Short notice Florida airline flights: costly and time consuming

Interestingly, I looked up airline flights on Orbitz to compare prices for a short notice flight.  Day trip prices from Miami (MIA) to Daytona Beach (DAB) ranged from $1362 to $1633 with four days notice and required a connection in either Atlanta or Charlotte. Plus the total trip time each way ranged from 4hrs 25min to 5hrs 40min.  About the same as driving.

To compare:  total trip time in our Cirrus SR22 charter plane was 90 minutes each way.

Chartering a plane is the easist, fastest way to get around Florida

So if you need to save time on your next business or personal trip in Florida or beyond.  Our charter plane service is the easiest to use and the most convenient.  Give us a try.  You will love it.

Thank you.

Head Aviator by William A. Ibarra