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January 10, 2016

All south florida in one day

Whirlwind of activity

One reason why I like to fly charter flights is the dynamism of it.  The constant motion and whirlwind of activity that comes from flying with different sets of passengers on the same day is an exciting aspect of professional flying.  And the passengers, all eager for the experience of flying privately to their destination, often show their enthusiasm for it.  Such was my experience on a recent Weekend.  

Saved from hours of driving

I had flights from Key West to West Palm Beach (58 min flight vs. 4hrs 17min drive), Miami to Key West (39 min flight vs. 3hr 24min drive), and Naples to Stuart (1hr 03min flight vs. 2hr 45min drive).  Even with some low clouds and light rain, all the flights were completed as planned and passengers where happy.  Our Cirrus SR22-G3 has lots of technology to get you where you need to go safely.  Interestingly, each set of passengers commented on how flying in our charter plane saved them from hours of driving.

Getting around in Florida

Moving between Florida cities isn’t so easy.  Flying on the airlines for short trips often takes longer than driving when you factor the time spent at the airline terminal.  And, of course, driving although sometimes scenic, is often long, dreary, and can be risky.  

Don't drive. Fly direct.

So the next time your facing a long Florida road trip, consider flying direct using our air taxi service.  Remember, it’s now easy to check availability, pricing, andbook your flight anytime with our online flight booking app.  Give it a try, no login is required.  Thank you for your time.

Head Aviator by William A. Ibarra